Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Information About Squash Balls

The squash ball is an essential piece of equipment

Squash balls are usually between 39.5mm and 40.5mm in diameter with a weight of around 23 to 25 grams. Squash balls are made from two pieces of rubber compound sealed together using a rubber adhesive so to make a hollow sphere.

A few types of squash ball
The specification of ball used in a professional game comes down to the temperature, atmosphere conditions and the standard of the players. An experienced squash player will use a slow ball which has less bounce when compared to a less experienced player where a more bouncy ball will help them to make their shots and returns.

Squash balls generally bounce more at higher temperatures and in professional squash games this would have to be taken into account just the same if their was to be a game played in a colder climate.

You can be sure of what type of squash ball you have by looking at the small coloured dots on the ball. These dots represent the dynamic level of that ball (the bounciness).

Below is a small list that shows the dot colours and what they represent:

Orange or green = this ball will have a very low speed and low bounce.

Double yellow = this ball will have a low speed and very low bounce.

Yellow = a ball marked with a yellow dot will have a slow speed and low bounce.

Green or white = a ball with these markings will have a medium speed and average bounce.

Red = a ball with red dots will have a medium speed and high bounce.

Blue = this ball will be fast and and will have a very high bounce.

There are many manufactures of squash balls with some of the top brands being Prince, Dunlop and Wilson
as well as many others. The current competition standard squash ball are the double yellow dot balls which replaced the single yellow dot type in 2000.

To finish off today's post I have found a fantastic squash video, I hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading.


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